Villa Woodbine

Join Bayshore in the Grove along with the Coconut Grove Homeowners Association, other organizations and community members in advocating against the over-development of the environmentally protected and historically designated Villa Woodbine.  

The Villa, located at 2167 South Bayshore Drive, is proposed to be developed into a private elementary school for 336 boys and 50 faculty members by The Convent of the Sacred Heart of Miami, a/k/a Carrollton.  

This development project proposes to:

  • Remove over 80% of the existing mature tree canopy (177 trees out of 220);
  • Generate another 1,438 daily school trips and thus increase the total to 18,942 daily school trips in Coconut Grove, increasing the overall traffic by 9% on South Bayshore drive;
  • Create an almost $355,000,000 School Board exemption value that transfers the service tax burden of this property onto the City of Miami and ALL City of Miami Taxpayers;
  • Violate the intent of the Environmental Preservation Districts and Scenic Transportation Corridors in obscuring the Silver Bluff;
  • Violate the City of Miami Code parking code, providing only 53 of a minimum of 83 parking spaces
The City of Miami’s Historic and Environmental Preservation Board (HEPB) denied Carrollton’s applications for Certificates of Approval and Appropriateness for this project in December of 2019. Since that time, Carrollton has petitioned the City of Miami Commission to overturn the HEPB ruling and grant approval to this oversized development project.  This issue can come up anytime in the next several months at the City of Miami Commission. 

Please see concerns outlined in the open letter below to businesses and homeowners associations.  Join in our advocacy efforts and endorse a resolution today against this project.  

Coconut Grove Homeowners Association

The following organizations have endorsed a resolution in opposition to this issue:

Bayshore in the Grove
Coconut Grove Civic Club
Coconut Grove Park Homeowners Association
Grove Towers Condo Association
Grove Watch Group
Village of Center Grove

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