Coconut Grove Park Homeowners Association was founded more than 30 years ago and is dedicated to preserving a safe, clean, friendly, social neighborhood and maintaining our property values and the historic character and landscape of the residential properties within our boundaries. 

This website is designed to provide our neighborhood with information regarding important information on issues related to our neighborhood, events, and administration of the Coconut Grove Park Homeowners Association. Membership is open to all residents of Coconut Grove Park. Dues are $25 per individual and $30 for families per annum.  Our dues support CGPHOA sponsored activities such as neighborhood events, and membership meetings, and most importantly, funds are used to retain an attorney from time to time as may be necessary to represent our interests in local zoning and/or quality of life issues. 

If you are new to the neighborhood or would like more information about our Homeowners Association, please email: 
           Cynthia Shelley at: [email protected] or
           Marlene Erven at [email protected]

To join our Association, click "Register" top right