History & Accomplishments

Our homeowners association was established in 1985 with a purpose to preserve the quality of life and character of our neighborhood. We have been fortunate that many residents over the years have committed their time and talent to the board for the betterment of our neighborhood.  The board actively monitors zoning issues to preserve and protect our neighborhood.  

Among the many accomplishments by the Coconut Grove Park Homeowners Association:

The Association Lobbied successfully FOR the neighborhood:
  • Obtained approval from the City of Miami for the street closures to make a safe pedestrian neighborhood. We raised funds to build and landscape the street closures. 
  • Increased security and lowered crime — obtained continuous and emergency contacts at a time when the neighborhood was under an increase of crime.
  • Advocated for resurfacing the entire neighborhood’s streets— an upgrade from 1951
  • Successfully lobbied for the creation of the doggie park & exercise course at Kennedy Park

The Association Lobbied successfully AGAINST: 

  • Commercial development encroachment and lot splitting.
  • Speeding vehicles.
  • CVS Pharmacy at the corner of SW 27Ave and US1 —an unsightly and grossly oversized building displacing a much needed gas station to accommodate refueling for boats to the 27th Avenue public boat ramp. 
  • Helicopter flight paths over the neighborhood — from the helipad on the SBS Building. 
    Grovenor House (Bayshore Drive): Height restrictions and set-backs.
  • Acquired a higher level of representation from the City and County Mayors, Grove Commissioners and other officials representing The Grove, by bringing them to our meetings and inviting them to understand our unique needs.
  • Opposed building next to Mercy Hospital — joined forces with Miami Neighborhoods United for our common issues.
  • Dock Masters Office — lowered the proposal in Height, scale, set-backs and use of public land.
In addition, we:
  • Monitor City Hall and keep informed of issues affecting homeowners and organize advocacy efforts
  • Promoted participation in free tree giveaways “Adopt A Tree” for residents
  • Participated at Crime Watch and Neighborhood United Meetings 
  • Sponsored Meet the Candidates Political forums
  • Held Annual street parties and seasonal neighborhood celebrations
Your participation as a member is requested to help us keep up this important work on behalf of our neighborhood. If you would like to volunteer, please email Marlene Erven at [email protected].